Trekking Pole Giveaway
 Each day in September, we are giving away a pair of Tac9er Trekking Poles.
We want you to be prepared for your next trekking adventure! 

 Want your own ultra-light Tac9er Trekking Poles?
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Tac9er Trekking Pole Features and Benefits
The Tac9er Trekking Poles carry a total weight of 4.08 oz (419g). That's only 7.4oz per pole. This means you can go the distance effortlessly.
Foldable Design
These poles have a foldable design and they measure 14.5 inches when folded. This makes it very easy for travel and storage.
Ergnomic EVA foam handle
Experience comfort when using the trekking poles with their ergonomic EVA foam handles that are also sweat-absorbent.
Adjustable Height
Customize according to your height. These trekking poles come with an upgraded metal lever lock for adjustable height from 115cm - 135cm.
Changeable Tip and Baskets for Multiple Terrain
The Tac9er Trekking Poles come with different tips and baskets you can use for multiple terrain including snow, trail, pavement and mountaineering.
Carrying Bag
Each set comes with a bag you can use to carry or store your trekking poles. 
Enter the Trekking Pole Giveaway
Don't miss your chance to be one of the 30 lucky winners this September. Each day, we will be picking one lucky random winner. Remember, you can't win if you don't enter! Click below to get started and good luck in the contest.
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