Tac9er Gloves Giveaway
 Each day in October, we are giving away a pair of Tac9er Tactical Gloves.
We want your hands to be protected for any heavy duty activities! 

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Tac9er Tactical Gloves Features and Benefits
Kevlar Lining
Each pair of Tac9er Tactical Gloves come with Kevlar inner lining. The woven textile is extremely strong, lightweight, corrosion and heat resistant.
Comfortable Fit
These gloves have comfortable neoprene cuff with an adjustable hook and loop closure for custom fit.
The Tac9er Tactical Gloves have reinforced palm grip for anti-slip, wear-resistance and durability.
The hard-shell knuckles and fingers cover provides a great level of protection.
Touchscreen Sensitive
You don't need to take off your gloves every time you need to use your phone. The Tac9er Tactical Gloves come with touchscreen sensitive threading.
The gloves are made of lightweight materials that allow for breathability.
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Tac9er Gloves Giveaway
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