Multi-tool Shovel Giveaway
 Each day in November, we are giving away a Tac9er Multi-tool Shovel.
We want you to be prepared for any adventure, whether in the jungle or in the city! 

 Want your own high-powered Tac9er Multi-tool Shovel?
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The Tac9er Multi-Tool Shovel 
Combines 15 Tools in One!
It seems like everything is assembled with screws, so having a flathead and phillips head screwdriver on hand is almost a must. The double sided bit is easily interchangeable.
Compass and Firestarter
Getting lost on the trail can be more dangerous than almost any other situation. With our handy compass we have your covered.
If you've ever tried to start a fire without a fire starter, then you know how important having one of these in a survival situation can be. With just a couple strokes on this fire starter, it can be the necessary spark you need to get that fire started!
Shovel and Hoe
Put some ooomph in your digging with this multi-tool shovel! If you've ever tried slicing through rocky soil, baked clay or even clearing trees you know that this is no easy task. Well, Tac9er's Multi-Tool shovel is here to make shoveling as efficient as possible.
Knife, Bottle Opener, and Harpoon
Instead of struggling with a lackluster oversight of a blade, carry a solid knife, bottle opener, and harpoon all in one and make your life easier. You won't regret it.
Safety Hammer
Being able to get our of dodge in an emergency is of the utmost importance, and lets face it... you don't always have a brick handy to break glass. That's what why we included a glass breaking safety hammer as one of the 15 tools in our multi-tool shovel!
Carrying Case
This kickass durable nylon bag is designed to strap on your side while you get to work, hands-free. There are mounted vertical pockets to store the multi-tool components separately. Total measurement is approximately 6in x 9.5in x 1 in.
Enter the Multi-tool Shovel Giveaway
Don't miss your chance to be one of 30 lucky winners during the month of November. Each day, we will be picking one lucky random winner. Remember, you can't win if you don't enter! Click below to get started and good luck in the contest.
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